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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

the power of 3!

I watched an Ancient Aliens (I don't know why...) about how the number 3 is a gift from extraterrestrial life. The experts say that the prevalence of the number 3 in history is calling our attention.
This is actually true, but of course has nothing to do with aliens.

3 "is a unique number" (as Ancient Aliens would state it) because it is representative of 'perspective' reality (or the reality of perspectives?). Many philosophies and religions are laid out as a battle between good and evil. Some very astute religions (philosophies? where is the line drawn?!?) have taken this a step further as chaos vs. order.

"But what does this have to do with the number 3?!" you may ask.
Of course, 3 is everything! In the religious battles of good vs. evil there is always a 3rd side to the story: mankind. Or in the case of chaos vs. order the middle is "the dao" (or "the way").

Both of these ideas are so close to truth. When it's good vs. evil the neutral zone is mankind, or who we are. When it's chaos vs. order the neutral zone is "the way," or what we do.
In reality it is everything vs. nothing and the neutral zone is perspective, or consciousness. In essence, consciousness is the phenomenon that occurs at the interface of two extremes. It is the existence that we all experience. It is untouchable because when it is breached on either side it is no longer an interface of contrast. In other words, consciousness is awareness, not knowledge. In order to truly understand something you must be separate from it -- this is the fractional nature of our reality.
Untouchable and unknowable at the same time and us, right in the middle.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Tits in Science!

What is it about being a science illustrator that gives you the right to draw boobs all over the place?

I understand the concept of nudity adding realism and equality between 'animal' and human biology...
But when they draw the male anatomy why does it look so anatomical and unpenis-like?

Muscles are arranged in bundles of fiber with connective tissue holding in transverse tubules that are made of bands of myosin and actin filaments... Oh yeah, and TITS!!!!

Breasts are obviously a vital part of the reproductive system

Once again, tits = very important for endocrine functioning... pervs.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Think Jews are better?

Some people are just plain misinformed.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Long Time No Post!

I'm here to tell you what I've been up to lately:

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Real World: Dollhouse

"If ... a set of generalist neurons could be programmed to express signal transduction machinery that normally is present only in specialized sensory cells, these neurons also might acquire the capacity to respond selectively to the adequate physical or chemical triggers. Not only could all members of a population of neurons then be addressed simultaneously, susceptibility to stimulation rather than the stimulus itself would be localized, and even diffusely broadcast stimuli could elicit precise, patterned responses."

Zemelman, B.V., Nesnas, N., Lee, G.A., & Miesenbo, B. (2003) Photochemical gating of heterologous ion channels: Remote control over genetically designated
populations of neurons. PNAS 100(3), 1352-1357

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Let's Check My Mail!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while!
College has been really busy...* (sort of ;P)

Anyways, remember that "young boy with a purple button up shirt and gelled hair"? Well he's been e-mailing me!
"Hey, it's me again. I thought about what you said, and I clearly understand your view of the Bible and faith. However, I strongly encourage to keep your mind open to truth. I'm sorry you couldn't make it to our revival meetings*, but there is another date I'd like you to keep in mind. November 1 is a special service for our guests. I understand your busy schedule but if it is possible, I can promise you it will be well worth the effort. It's not about joining the church, it's about hearing truth. I really believe if you come with an open mind you'll find answers to a lot of your questions about Christianity, the Bible, and faith. I think it would benifit you more than you think. I appreciate you getting back to me last time and I respect your willingness to talk. My prayer is that the truth (whatever it is), would be clearly revealed to both of us. Here's a Bible verse, John 3:18. There are only two kinds of people, those who believe and those who do not. And there are only two consequences, either you are not condemned to hell or you are. If you have minute, I strongly encourage you to check it out. Later Callif."

 Hefty stuff! Let's focus on the last part:

"There are only two kinds of people, those who believe and those who do not"
Translation: I believe in god, you don't.

"There are only two consequences, either you are not condemned to hell or you are." 
Translation: One of us is going to burn eternally, guess who it is.   
I think he just threatened me!
Fuckin' hypochristians.

*My best friend was coming back in town and I needed to do some heathen partying with him!