Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bobby Henderson Can Suck It

Due to a series of recent events I have come to a shocking conclusion.

Premise 1:
In the shower I noticed that when my hair is wet it looks an awful lot like Rotini Noodles...

Premise 2:
While looking through my toddler archives I found this picture that I drew when I was four...

Strikingly similar to this:

Don't you think?

I am a prophet of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. I am come upon this Earth to spread the holy word of his noodliness, to save those who fall into the grips of false religions and prophets. I am Callif, bearer of the mark of the spaghetti, bringer of the divine word. rAmen.

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Anonymous said...

u also hav a bald spot wen its wet.

Callif said...

I don't think you could see my scalp if you tried...
Just a trick of the light :)

Anonymous said...

ive seen it at camp dood.

John Evo said...

Welcome to Blogger. I subscribe to you on YouTube and just saw the most recent video.

You're too young to get burned out on trying to convince people to drop their superstitions. Just remember that while you might see no obvious impact from anything you do or say, changes are always happening. If free-thinkers say nothing at all, things get much worse.

Meanwhile, the last decade has been a time of American atheists "coming out" and simultaneously we have studies showing that those who claim to be either atheist, agnostic or "don't know", roughly doubling in number.

That has happened because of each of us who stands up and says something. That most certainly would not have happened in so short a time if everyone had remained silent in their disbelief.

Keep blogging. It'll make you feel better if nothing else.

Anonymous said...

Rock on, holy prophet.