Monday, March 16, 2009

Evolution = False

After my recent spat with a certain creationist I began thinking about why anyone would refuse to believe in something so obviously true as evolution. Now, on the surface it seems quite clear, it conflicts with their religion; however if you look a little deeper there are ulterior motives for this crime against reason. Although it is true that having a dogma will make you incredibly less likely to open your mind to opposing viewpoints, (duh) I theorize that it is the British that are pushing the 61% of Americans away from evolution. This may seem like a careless accusation, but look at this evidence: we all know that Christians believe evil exists and should (presumably) hate it.

Just listen to Richard Dawkins here:

"I think it's scandalous how little our children are taught about evolution at school."

It isn't just what he says though, it's how he says it;
"... are taught about EVILution..."
Do we honestly expect a bunch of god-fearing Americans to believe in something called evilution? Of course not.

Ironically, until Richard Dawkins stops talking (or loses the accent) we're never going to win over the majority of the country who are still in the dark ages. Quite the predicament we have; I see no reason why he can't continue writing about the subject though (spelling it evolution of course).

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