Saturday, May 23, 2009

Some Personal Poetry

I guess I'm going to start posting some poems on here... You don't have to read them, they're really more for me.


It wasn't even close to 'forever,'
Not even close to a lifetime.

A part of me was always afraid of this,
But I choked him to death,
Unnecessarily it seems,
(You were right, you SOB).
It was uttered so much,
With so much passion,
It felt sincere.

Truth is infinitely more painful,
Especially when it isn't true.


EDDIEO101 said...

Love hurts when passions fade.

But, the pain is not rational.
It's manufactured by our emotions.

And Our Emotions, by definition, are seldom rational.

Does it help, that I understand your pain?

Probably not, but I do anyway.

Callif said...

I know... the right side of my brain is just so overwhelmed right now... I'm finding it so difficult to use logic.

And it does help. At least you aren't telling me that I'm young and I'll love again. I know it's rational and more than likely true, but that's the last thing I want to hear right now.

Thank you for reading :)