Friday, September 4, 2009

YouTube Sucks!

After writing a lengthy and disparaging response to a Christian troll via comment I proceeded to click "Post Comment" but to my despair, when I clicked the button, instead of showing the usual "Comment Posted!" it just said "Post Comment" again! Even worse, that incredibly long comment I posted couldn't be highlighted! No copy and paste for me... So I refreshed the page and wrote the comment again. I figured it was just a fluke, so I didn't even bother copying my post... I was wrong. This time I refreshed, wrote my response, copied it, saved it in a word document, then pushed post. Still nothing. After about twenty minutes of troubleshooting, and posting, and copying, and blah blah blah, I got an error message at the bottom of my screen.
It looked like this.

Of course, I was absolutely horrified! First you don't let me post a comment (on my own video even!), then you insult my intelligence so directly and personally? Perhaps you missed it. How dare they insinuate that I "Can't read?" Those obnoxious bastards! Do they really think this kind of thing is a user error!?!

Well needless to say, YouTube has caused me too much frustration... I'm afraid I can no longer visit that wonderful (on paper) website.

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EddieO101 said...

I too have been similarly frustrated when attempting to post a comment on YT.
If the comment is quick, short & sweet - no problem. But, when I take the time to be more thoughtful and perhaps even pertinent - big problem.
First off, I inevitably go over the 500 character limit. So then I must go back and edit my words without sacrificing content and clarity (no easy task). When I finally do hit "Post Comment", damn if my comment doesn't disappear into the ether someplace. This process is often repeated several times until I give-up in complete exhaustion and frustration.

That's usually the end of it, although not always. Sometimes hours or even days latter all of my comments, my comments, my comments will suddenly, repititiously and redundantly appear, appear and appear. Needless to say, this results in me being accused spamming. - You Can't Win! :(
Yes, sometimes YouTube does suck, but I still love it. :)