Monday, June 1, 2009

Brain Damage

If you haven't heard yet, an abortion clinic doctor was killed in Kansas today. I learned this from PZ Myers, who also posted a link about getting a free pro-life book. Of course, I had to sign up for the book. It's a free book! Even if it is filled with drivel, it'll give me an opportunity to hone my argumentative logic. So I signed up, and got a verification e-mail from the author.

A cursory glance at the e-mail suggested nothing out of the ordinary... blah blah, thanks for signing up for my book. blah blah. But then, my critical reading eye started tingling...
"My father Ronald Reagan was touched by God many times, including when he was inspired to right his book Abortion and the Conscience of the Nation."
What?!?!?! He was inspired to right his book?!?!?! My poor brain is going to explode. I don't think I'll be physically able to read this book anymore.

Should anyone really be listening to this guy's opinion about moral issues anyways? He doesn't even know the difference between write and rong... bahahahaha.

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uzza said...

Funny! If you're taking linguistics get ready to notice a whole lot of this. Watch for loose/lose, cite/site/sight, and a lotta others.
Welcome to idiot america.