Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New New Toy!!

In Chicago I bought an awesome new toy!
It's called the x-ball.
Worth every dollar I paid for it, and more. I must've spent four hours playing with this damn thing yesterday. Not only is it incredibly amusing and awesome, it's probably really good for your brain too. Supposedly it helps with coordination, creativity, and spatial processing. Even if it doesn't, it's a damn good toy. BUY IT!


EddieO101 said...

Chicago? Are you from that area? For some reason I thought you were from the West Coast. Anyway, I have family in Milwaukee, WI and used to have close friends in Elgin IL.

The x-Ball - I've seen it before, but thought it was some kind of overpriced gimmick. Now you've got me curious, perhaps I'll pick one up.

Callif said...

Yes, I'm actually from Milwaukee.
And it very well could be an overpriced gimmick. Perhaps I'm judging it purely by it's initial appeal lol
I'll update you in a couple days.

EddieO101 said...

Ah Milwaukee been there many times, froze my butt off though. It's no place for a thin skinned Miamian. The summers aren't too bad, just a shame they only last about a week. lol

My Aunt used to have a house right in the city, but now they live in nearby Bayside. I've actually enjoyed my visits there, but you must admit - it's really cold. When I was a kid New York seemed almost tropical by comparison.