Saturday, June 13, 2009

Life Does Not Care

I find it hard to remember that. Everyone does.
We too often anthropomorphize life, remarking how cruel and unfair it (and sometimes even she) is. The universe is purely subjective (or so it seems). There are no lucky or unlucky people. Only perspectives and situations. The suffering, elation and apathy you experience is a direct consequence of how you view the events around you, because they have no intrinsic good or bad elements.

I don't know what the point of all this is. Perhaps it's a reminder to myself that complaining about how unfair my situation is implies that I have been wronged, and that I don't deserve it. But there is no wrong and there is no deserving, there is only perspective, and the happiness I created is it's own reward. Perhaps this rant has been to remind myself that there is nothing more beautiful than happiness suspended in an ether of meaninglessness and pure nothing. But above all, that everything I just said, and everything I will ever think is nothing but perspective.

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EddieO101 said...

Wow Callif, sometimes your thoughts just blow me away.

I have such a deep and abiding respect for your intellect.